Quote of the Day :The Holstee Manifesto

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The Kid Stays In The Picture

As usual, kids have an extraordinary way of reminding us who we really are: naturally DOPE!

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Natural Hair Calendar

OMG!!! I LOOOVE Ayo Ogun for creating the Natural Hair Calendar! You can download a monthly one (see above for example)†for free or hurry up and reserve a copy of the upcoming Natural Hair Love Affair Calendarwhich via the site†is an undated 13-month wall calendar that starts whenever your hair journey begins. This fun and functional calendar can be bought and used anytime throughout the year–you fill in the dates. It’s sure to inspire you anytime throughout the year. Natural Hair Love Affair Calendar is a must-have for Afrolistas who are either thinking about transitioning, in the transitioning process or who are already a part of the natural hair journey.’ …Ayo, you’re a genius baby!

Quote of the Day: Toni Morrison

“Wanta fly? You got to give up the shit that weighs you down.”

Secret Revealed: Beurre Babu

Ok, so only because so many people have stopped, complimented†and asked me what I use for my kinky curly curls, I decided that this blog should be the first place it is revealed: Beurre Babu….and omg’ness, I was sooo reluctant to share – lol- but since this is a blog on everything beauty(inside & out), what would be the point if I hold onto something this good! See, I used to get it directly from the woman who makes/sells it and now†after many of her clients suggested, she actually has now made it available on Etsy. So here’s to lifting the curtains: Beurre Babu.

p.s. – The ginger poo bar is great too yet I still swear by regular ACV rinses!

Rules of Attraction

I’m good friends with this gorgeous, sexy ass†brotha who NEVER has a problem meeting women. He normally gets approached by females who go gaga over him yet he knows what he likes: big women.. and not a thick size 14…so it posed a little bit of an issue when my friend who’s a lot smaller than his normal type asked me to hook her up. When I reminded him who she was, he was like “She’s aight..but naaah”. I’m like – ” I know she’s not you’re type but she’s really cool!”. And this is when I got the answer that would become an aha moment for me…He stopped folding his laundry and looked at me, ” I have a preference but so do you and it’s all good but what really attracts me to a woman has more to do her level of confidence..now that shit is† so sexy…and yo -†a woman who knows she’s the shit †ALWAYS outwins good looks.” ….So once again, no matter what shape, size or style, I’m reminded that although there’s power in the pussy,† authentic confidence(aka self-love)†ALWAYS rules!!


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